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Cinderella Man Studios is one of the premier studios in the tristate area. We provide a broad range of services to accommodate all of our clients’ needs, with packages for professional recording, photography, videography, podcast hosting, lessons, group masterclasses, graphic design, and marketing. Give us a call to see how our professionals can help you create and achieve whatever form of media you desire.

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Book your Mastering session at Cinderella Man Studios and bring your mix to life with a master as needed per a variety of modern streaming platforms. Together we’ll collaborate to develop a final recording with clarity and separation of instruments you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Contact us today to discuss our different tier mixing packages based on the contents your project. We can guarantee a product with an extraordinary amount of hands on experience with the use of analog equipment. Many great producers consider this to have become "a lost art" in the modern age of mixing. With the mentor-ship of top grammy award winning producers in the analog world combined with the relentless level of musicianship applied to the digital world we can guarantee that you'll end up with a truly special level of sonic mastery.

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Cinderella Man Studios offers state of the art recording services to ensure that you have all of the right sources to achieve the best possible mix and end result whether that's done in house or elsewhere. Our live room is isolated and treated with a layer of brick to surround where a sound source or drumkit can be placed. This acts as a reflective surface while diffusing the sound, allowing the mics to capture a naturally amplified liveliness from the source. Our walls are specifically angled to prevent sound waves from bouncing back and forth. The live room is treated further with acoustic paneling to control the amount of reverb in the room specifically meant to be captured by room mics arguably making this room one the best in the area to capture drums. Our vocal booth is equipped with a Rhodium Neumann U87 and treatment that can be modified to add or subtract low mid frequencies according to the vocalist. We also offer a variety of direct input captures for guitar and bass depending on whether you need something completely transparent or something with a little extra color. All of this combined with a variety of class A preamps and top tier microphones ensures that you'll have the perfect capture to truly be able bring your ideas to life.

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